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Book Review of Coming of Age in Mississippi Essay

Coming of Age in Mississippi is an autobiography by Anne Moody. It is the story of a black girl growing up in Mississippi at a time when racial discrimination was taken for granted and the NAACP movement had no formal name. In her autobiography, Anne Moody displays the hardships of living in the rural south while the Negroes were just starting their fight for equality. Her story is amazing. Life was difficult for all poor Southerners. But for a poor black family with little hope and living with the constant threat of harm and loss of life, her optimism is awe-inspiring. I found this book to be very moving and easy to read, though the structure of her writing was very distracting. Anne Moodys story is incredible. She†¦show more content†¦She became frustrated at her own people because they would not stand up for themselves while there were horrible things were happening to blacks. How can you not sympathize with someone who believed so much in equality and freedom that her picture was on the Ku Klux Klan black list? She worked so hard for Negro equality that she risked her life day in and day out and came close to starving to death just trying to recruit other Negroes to join her cause. Her family begged her to stop helping with the movement in fear of their lives as well as hers. Moody could not even return to her own town out of concern for her safety and that of her family. Anne Moodys book is a remarkable testimony, but there were a few things in the way she wrote, which were distracting to the main story as a whole. First of all, her style makes it seem as if this whole time she had kept a diary of her life and for the book she just went back through and edited it to make complete sentences. Although her family was very, very poor, she did not focus on that. This almost makes the reader feel as if Miss Moody grew up in a black family with an adequate income and decent education. Her writing shows otherwise with some comments here and there. For instance: on page twenty-five Moody was mad with her [mama] because we ate beans all the time. Had she taken the money, I thought, we couldShow MoreRelatedAnalytical Review Of Anne Moody s Coming1438 Words   |  6 Pages America s Civil Rights History Analytical review of Anne Moody’s Coming to Age in Mississippi Plot Summary The novel, Coming to Ages in Mississippi traces the lives of an African American family, their various experiences, struggles, and contrasts of ideas, as well as depicting the racial discrimination that characterized their environment. It then shows struggles by the black community in fighting for racial discrimination. It begins with a description of Anne’s family that consist ofRead MoreComing Of Age Throughout Mississippi By Anne Moody1362 Words   |  6 Pages Coming of Age in Mississippi Essay Fredric Stanley HIST 3881 Professor James Conway 7 November 2015 â€Æ' Though we Americans, in all of our efforts, feel as if the day of racism is coming to an end, I feel it is merely evolving into a much more subtle approach. Seeing life through the words of Anne Moody in her book entitled, Coming of Age in Mississippi, shows that racism, even back then, is treated with remedies versus a cure. After the many anti-discrimination legislations passed as well asRead MoreThe Female, Bildungsroman, By Carol Lazzaro Weis1083 Words   |  5 PagesVanessa Bethea 355:201 Flynn 24 March 2016 Literature Review #4 Article: Lazzaro-Weis, Carol. â€Å"The Female Bildungsroman: Calling It into Question†. NWSA Journal 2.1 (1990): 16–34. Web. Author: Carol Lazzaro-Weis is the President of the American Association of Italian Studies, the largest associate of university professors of Italian in North America and serves on several editorial boards. Professor Lazzaro-Weis has been appointed to serve on the International Advisory Board for The Centre ofRead MoreAnalysis Of More Than One Way1317 Words   |  6 Pagesby stating how when authors review Lee’s novel they always mention the reoccurring theme of â€Å"coming of age† and see that this theme is being address towards the character Scout, whom they believe is the protagonist of the novel. Murray however contradicts this claim and mentions that it is not Scout who shows any â€Å"signs of the changes of adolescence† but it is Jem (7). Murray explains how Scout is merely an observer whereas Jem is really the character that â€Å"comes of age†. The evidence of Scout’s observanceRead MoreThe Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn4280 Words   |  18 Pa gessignificance hence the name. Furthermore after further review and thought I have realized there is a deeper meaning than just that of Huckleberry Finn. When the book first begins it is showing the start of the young boys band of robbers and it leads you to believe the book will be about these kids and their hooligans and getting into trouble. In reality the title is significant because Huckleberry Finn’s adventures involve him and Jim traveling down the Mississippi and how they encounter racism and other variousRead MoreReview: Swing Low Sweet Chariot989 Words   |  4 Pagesthere is a horse driven chariot followed by a parade of angels coming down from above. The spirit itself is surrounded by even more angels with trumpets in hand, ready to take the soul up to eternal glory. In a nearby tree is another angel who appears busy with a demon who has arrived to cause trouble. The imagery of the painting is intense and filled with spiritual and religious connotation. It portrays not only death, but the age old battle between good and evil. However, it is set in the midstRead MoreThe Writings Of African American Women1634 Words   |  7 PagesPhillis wrote poems about her elation of coming to the New World and her gratefulness to God that she was sent to the Wheatley’s where she could obtain her education (Showalter 57). Due solely to Mr. Wheatley, Phillis had the ability to publish her poems widely across the United States. She was not able to do this on her own because whites often thought that blacks were not creative, having no talent at all (’s book was published September 1, 1773 (americaslibraryRead MoreHuck Finn Essay1835 Words   |  8 Pages Conflicts V. Evaluation VI. Review of movie version VII. Conclusion Tarin 1 The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn Samuel Langhorne Clemens also known as the famous and brilliant Mark Twain, was born in the small town of Florida, Missouri on November 30, 1835 to John Marshall and Jane Lampton Clemens. Clemens was the youngest of the five children, as a child Clemens moved around a lot, he first moved to the small town of Hannibal at the age of four. Here he attended a privateRead MorePhotography: Lewis Hine Essay1261 Words   |  6 Pagesschool activities. Therefore Manny selected Hine to learn photography and teach a class, â€Å"A life in photography had begun.† In an effort to better understand the medium and inspire his students Hine went to Ellis Island to photograph immigrants coming to America. He also hoped that his photos would cause his students to â€Å"have the same regard for contemporary immigrants as they have for the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock.† Hines background as a sociologist fueled his desire to tell theRead MoreEudora Welty a Worn Path1216 6 Words   |  49 PagesAdaptations 13. What Do I Read Next? 14. Bibliography and Further Reading 15. Copyright Introduction Eudora Weltys A Worn Path, first published in Atlantic Monthly in February, 1941, is the tale of Phoenix Jacksons journey through the woods of Mississippi to the town of Natchez. The story won an O. Henry Prize the year it was published and later appeared in Weltys collection The Wide Net. Since then, it has been frequently anthologized. At first the story appears simple, but its mythic undertones

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Moral And Visionary Performance L Oreal - 1215 Words

As it was shown in previous chapter, L’Oreal is one of the world’s leading multinational enterprises, not only in the beauty industry, but, thanks to its brilliant management system and strong commitment to social responsibility, across the various industries as well. It has been internationally recognized for its moral and visionary performance. However, as every other company on the market, L’Oreal is not perfect. Behind the curtain of its CSR practices, the company is struggling with several serious problems that affect not only its financial performance, but also its credibility amongst the stakeholders. One of the main problems for L’Oreal, and most of the cosmetics companies in the world, for that matter, is the issue of animal testing. A practice that was common and even mandated a couple of decades ago today is seen as immoral, cruel and appalling. And not just by the animal protection groups, but also by common people, not engaged in the activitie s of such organizations. In the 20th century, people have started to gradually protest against testing the new formulas of the cosmetics on small lab animals, such as rats or rabbits. Those practices were often incredibly painful for the furry test objects, and many times it has ended with their deaths. The society, more aware of the need to protect the animals than ever, has begun to demand an animal tested free cosmetics, which has put a pressure on the beauty companies to come up with ways of laboratory testing that

“It is through what we wear that we all establish our identity.” Briefly support or contradict this claim Free Essays

Let us imagine a world where it was acceptable to roam the streets unclothed. Would you still conform to the norm that stated that it was usual to wear clothes? Most would, but there would be a minority who would take the liberty of going out naked. They would be viewed by the majority as anti-conformist and it could have spiralling effects on other aspects of their life – such as their identity. We will write a custom essay sample on â€Å"It is through what we wear that we all establish our identity.† Briefly support or contradict this claim or any similar topic only for you Order Now If a teenager wants to rebel against norms, it is very easy. They simply need to turn up to a dinner party in jeans and a t-shirt and no more need be done. They would have firmly set an impression in the minds of the other â€Å"black tie wearers†. It could lead to exclusion from the group even if they knew each other previously because it is showing a side of the person that may have previously been hidden. There isn’t a human being who doesn’t take appearance into account when getting a first impression of someone. It is what initially attracts one person to another and can give an idea as to what the person may be like. However, identity can be established in many ways and clothing is just one of these methods. When looking at a particular group of people, it is usually possible to examine the trends that they exhibit and spot people who look out of place and may be trying to change or enhance their identity through their clothing. Describe the connection between one particular trend in pop music and what its followers wear. â€Å"Mom. I wanna be just like Britney Spears† were the eight words which rang across the world when Ms. Spears released her saucy â€Å"Baby One More Time† video. Suddenly, it was trendy to dress in school girl uniform and the boys were instantly turned on by teenage girls dressing just like Britney. Had it not been for Britney’s video, dressing in uniform at any time other than in lessons would, most likely, still be very â€Å"un-cool†. Since her first single, Ms. Spears has been an international jet-setter and trend setter. With each premiere, awards ceremony and after-show party she has attended, she has been the subject of miles worth of newspaper columns. Teenage girls everywhere have been unable to avoid the tactless and shameful promotion that Jive Records have elicited from Britney and living in the 21st century, it has become almost impossible not to be influenced by the publicity surrounding America’s most famous Virgin. From controversy to contraception, Britney has been linked to everything. The initial hype surrounding her showed that she was popular amongst teenager boys and this was, no doubt, one of the main reasons thousands of teenage girls began to idolise her. Her sweet and innocent image meant that it was cool to be like Britney and this soon led to an explosion in mini-Britneys. There was a risk that she wouldn’t catch on though and that she would fizzle out as another one-hit wonder. However this was soon disproved when she was pursued quickly by the other pop teen queen Christina Aguilera. Just when parents thought that Britney would be a temporary phase that their kids would go through, Christina pops up onto the scene. Bringing yet another set of catchy pop tunes, Christina enforced the idea that it was necessary to look gorgeous, be a size 8 and have a perfect body. Pig-tails were in and pony-tails were out; short skirts became even shorter and breast enlargements were being ordered left, right and centre. Despite their persistent denial of buying the plastic treatment, private clinics saw an enormous increase in their waiting list around Christmas time. It became cool to wear tight tops, to dress in leather and run around school doing Britney and Christina style dance routines. However, times change quickly and schoolgirls are already becoming bored of their teen idols’ style and as Britney turns unfavourable in their eyes, it is now necessary for them to look at the older and more respected artists. Singers like Jennifer Lopez, Samantha Mumba and Janet Jackson who all have unparalleled style are the new trend. As teenage girls want to mature into appreciated women, their dress sense also proceeds in parallel and they begin to move away from the â€Å"bubblegum† image into a more adult look. They will however, all too often find themselves pre-occupied with the idealistic look of women in beauty magazines and on screen. Although this shouldn’t be the case, it is an inevitable consequence of living in the midst of technology as we do and at least through these more mature artists, teenagers are growing up quicker. It is ironic to think that Britney is now modelling herself on her fans in order to please them. As they mature and advance in their ways of thinking and styles and trends, Britney is now evolving into a more mature and focused artist more in the style of Janet or Madonna. What is worrying though is that there doesn’t seem to be another level to which artists like Britney can go to after her fans get tired of her present scheme. Unlike the real divas, Britney has a shelf life and it is almost up. Unless she can creatively reinvent herself with yet another new style, her fans will have to look elsewhere for inspiration and it may well be to an anti-conformist who exhibits qualities that are rebellious and not in line with conventional trends. How to cite â€Å"It is through what we wear that we all establish our identity.† Briefly support or contradict this claim, Papers

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Lean Leadership free essay sample

Briefly describe the answers to the following questions about the readings: a. What simple, inexpensive tool is used by UNC Health Care to communicate to patients? What are the doctors required to do to use this tool? Why did the tool work so well? UNC Health Care initiative included a written care plan and a whiteboard in every room with daily goals to help keep the patient focused on his or her discharge date. So there was a focus on communication with patients. They had also daily care plan meetings and improved communications based on centralized, accessible data. According to Scholl, creating a fast, easy-to-use plan of care was the essence BCG’s work. Within first 24 hours following admission, the doctor now checks off the care and education a patient will need. With that care plan in place, the care manager and nurse know exactly what to do. Another part of lean initiative was a top-down review of day-to-day administrative procedures, and identifying common problems, bottlenecks in another areas. We will write a custom essay sample on Lean Leadership or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page No one had to work more hours. UNC Health Care launched a lean pilot program that is increasing efficiency and enabling the hospital to serve more patients. No new hires were needed. UNC health care did more with less! This tool work so well because a hospital with 800 beds that cuts average length by just 10% can free up nearly 80 beds per year, enabling the delivery of more than 4000 additional procedures and boosting operating profit by almost $30 million. What are five ways that businesses in the lean transformation might utilize â€Å"excess† people (i. e. those people made available as wasted time/motion is removed from the system) rather than letting them go from the company (1) Reduce overtime (2) Put the extra people on Kaizens (to get future payback) (3) In-source some components rom marginal suppliers (4) Cut the workweek across the board (5) Develop new product lines to grow the business. c. According to Art Byrne what should be the core of any company’s trategy and why? According to Art Byrne, the core of any company’s strategy is: â€Å"To my way of thinking, this is exactly backwards. Introducing lean techniques in every business activity should be the core of any company’s strategy. These provide both the opportunity and the resources to generate and sustain profitable growth. Profitable growth is what the strategic planners of the world are always seeking, but find hard to achieve because thei r company’s operations can’t deliver on their strategies. Why are value stream maps and system kaizens critical starting blocks for a lean transformation? The problem with sensei teaching system, once consultants with no direct link to Toyota and many self-taught managers began to practice it, was that there tended to be no big picture waiting to be revealed. Instead of flow kaizen directed at the total flow of value for a product family, there was only process kaizen, and usually lots of process kaizen, focused on isolated individual steps in many value streams. The likely result is â€Å"kamikaze kaizen†: lots of commotion, many isolated victories in the great war against muda, wide special initial enthusiasm on the basis of early results, impressive amounts of consciousness raising, and loss of the war when no sustainable benefits reached the customer or the bottom line. The solution is for firms without access to master sensei to start consciously at the system level for each product family. This means looking at the big picture, including the most important business needs, and determining the overall plan of march before conducting process kaizen on the individual steps. The value-stream map is an invaluable tool to help line managers along the value stream see the whole. The critical error made is failing to connect on one map the flow of information going back from the customer to the producer with the transforming actions on the product, in response to this information, as the good moves toward the customer. Making this connection is the critical leap in being able to see the closed circuit of demand and response that is the essence of value creation, an insight that traditional process maps, showing physical transformation alone, fail to provide. . Use of standard work in the office includes key points related to what three aspects of task performance? Including what in the standard work will reduce the likelihood that employees will drift away from using the standard work? First element of standard work is the â€Å"what†, that is defining the task to be performed. Second, the â€Å"how† to perform a step within a process and the à ¢â‚¬Å"why† – explaining the logic behind the defined tasks. Third element is time and timing. Standard work also includes the expected time to complete a task or group of tasks. Sometimes people drift away from standard work procedures over time. For example, an employee performing a task discovers a change that seems to help himself – a shortcut that enables him to complete his work more quickly. Will he be likely to play the scenario out and consider whether his change creates an unintended consequence further down the line? What if his change causes quality problems for a downstream process? The bottom line is that well-intentioned employees taking shortcuts can create new problems.

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Focault analysis essays

Focault analysis essays The Manufacturing of an American Soldier: An Examination of the Indoctrination Process During the Gulf War at Fort Knox, Kentucky "As a soldier, you have accepted a solemn obligation to defend the ideals of freedom, justice, truth, and equality as found in The Declaration of Independence and the United States Constitution. Whether you are serving a single term or making a career of the military, your actions should never be contrary to the ideals and principles upon which this nation was founded." - Department of the Army, Soldier's Handbook (62) In February of 1991, Bravo Troop of the 5/15 Cavalry stationed at Fort Knox, Kentucky Training Facility performed a ritualized, ceremonial examination of its new recruits. The recruits arose at four a.m. and marched till eight to arrive at a small, secluded building surrounded by forest. The recruits stood in a single-file line facing the entrance of the building, eyes forward, feet shoulder width apart, hands folded in the small of their back. Approximately one hundred and twenty recruits stood peering through the lenses of their protective masks, watching fifteen soldiers enter the building. Once inside the building, the fifteen recruits stood at attention, fingers curled, thumb locked on second knuckle of the index finger, hands placed at their sides, heels together, feet splayed at a forty-five degree angle, stomach in, chin-up, eyes forward, in three lines, five recruits deep, facing the Drill Instructor. The room was filled with thick, white smoke. The only light ca me from a small fire burning on the cement floor at the drill instructor's feet. Beside the fire was a metal, olive-green container labeled in black, block lettering the read, "Solid CS Agent." The Drill instructed the recruits, still standing at attention, to remove their protective masks, which they did with little hesitation. Exposure to such high concentrations of CS gas produces a violent, bodi...

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8 Ways to Help Students with Dyslexia Succeed

8 Ways to Help Students with Dyslexia Succeed Homework is an important part of the school learning experience. Guidelines for homework are 20 minutes for elementary age children, 60 minutes for middle school and 90 minutes for high school. It is not unusual for students with dyslexia to take 2 to 3 times that amount of time to get their homework completed each night. When this happens, any benefit a child might derive from the extra practice and review is negated by the frustration and exhaustion they feel. While accommodations are often used in school to help students with dyslexia complete their work, this is rarely done with homework. Teachers need to be aware that it is easy to overburden and overwhelm a child with dyslexia by expecting the same amount of homework to be completed in the same amount of time as the students without dyslexia.The following are suggestions to share with general education teachers when giving homework: Outline assignments Write the homework assignment on the board early in the day. Set aside a portion of the board that is free of other writing and use the same spot each day. This gives students plenty of time to copy the assignment into their notebook. Some teachers provide alternate ways for students to get homework assignments: A bulk email is sent to all students, or their parents, listing the homework assignmentAn online calendar lists homework assignmentsThe classroom telephone message is changed each morning to reflect the homework assignments. Students can call the classroom to get the assignmentStudents with dyslexia, ADHD or other learning differences are paired with another student who checks the students notebook to make sure the homework assignment was written correctlyForm a homework chain. Each student writes the name of two other students in the front of their notebook who they can call to ask questions about the assignment. If you must change a homework assignment because a lesson was not covered, give students plenty of time to amend their notebooks to reflect the change. Be sure each student understands the new assignment and knows what to do. Explain the reasons for the homework There are a few different purposes for homework: practice, review, previewing upcoming lessons and to expand knowledge of a subject. The most common reason for homework is to practice what has been taught in class but sometimes a teacher asks the class to read a chapter in a book so it can be discussed the following day or a student is expected to study and review for an upcoming test. When teachers explain not only what the homework assignment is but why it is being assigned, the student can more easily focus on the task. Use less homework more frequently Rather than assigning a large amount of homework once per week, assign a few problems each night. Students will retain more information and be better prepared to continue the lesson each day. Let students know how homework will be graded Will they receive a checkmark simply for completing the homework, will wrong answers be counted against them, will they receive corrections and feedback on written assignments? Students with dyslexia and other learning disabilities work better when they know what to expect. Allow students with dyslexia to use a computer This helps to compensate for spelling errors and illegible handwriting. Some teachers allow students to complete an assignment on the computer and then email it directly to the teacher, eliminating lost or forgotten homework assignments. Reduce the number of practice questions Is it imperative to complete every question to receive the benefits of practicing skills or can the homework be reduced to every other question or the first 10 questions? Individualize homework assignments to make sure a student gets enough practice but isnt overwhelmed and will not be spending hours each night working on homework. Remember: Dyslexic Students Work Hard Keep in mind that students with dyslexia work hard each day just to keep up with the class, sometimes working much harder than other students just to complete the same amount of work, leaving them mentally exhausted. Reducing homework gives them time to rest and rejuvenate and be ready for the next day at school. Set time limits for homework Let the students and their parents know that after a certain amount of time working on homework the student may stop. For example, for a young child, you may set 30 minutes for assignments. If a student works hard and only completes half of the assignment in that time, the parent may indicate the time spent on homework and initial the paper and allow the student to stop at that point. Specially-designed Instruction When all else fails, contact your students parents, schedule an IEP meeting and write new SDIs to support your students struggling with homework. Remind your general education partners to protect the confidentiality of students who need accommodations to homework. Learning disabled children may already have low self-esteem and feel as if they dont fit in with other students. Drawing attention to accommodations or modifications to homework assignments can further damage their self-esteem. Sources:Â   A Dyslexic Child in the Classroom, 2000, Patricia Hodge, Dyslexia.comEffects of Instruction in an Assignment Completion Strategy on the Homework Performance of Students with Learning Disabilities in General Education Classes, 2002, Charles A.Hughes, Kathly L.Ruhl, Teaching LD Newsletter,Volume 17, Issue 1

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Leagal case study Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Leagal case study - Term Paper Example In December 2002 Mora received a report of detainee abuse at Guantanamo Naval Base, Cuba. Despite the notation that the Navy or Marine Corps and OGC attorneys were not involved, he still went to investigate. Mora admits that this chronological narrative of the significant events pertaining to detainee interrogation, in which he and the OGC participated or had knowledge of, is sadly lacking since he was unable to identify and name all those who participated. Suffice it to say that in other aspects his efforts yielded a lot of good. He was able to uncover an action memo, dated Dec.2, authorizing entitled "Counter -Resistance Techniques" authorized by Secretary Rumsfield and rumored to be partly authorized at a "high level" in Washington permitted the use of certain interrogation techniques. Mora understood the necessity of obtaining information to prevent another 9/11 but to condone such practices to him will cause harm to the national legal, political, military and diplomatic interest s.